Thank you to the Elders and other Knowledge Holders who made themselves available to be interviewed.  Without their knowledge, generosity, and patience, this project could not have happened.  We are continuing to upload videos associated with different place names.  These short videos can be accessed by going to the specific place names on the digital atlas, and some are attached to the names of Elders and Knowledge Holders below.   They cover a wide range of topics associated with the landscape. 

Some place names with videos:  Pine Tree, Chapel Island,  Yarmouth, Newville Lake, Digby Gut, Digby Town, St. Mary’s Bay, Bear River, Kelly’s Mountain, Eskasoni, Antigonish Harbour Island, Afton, North Sydney, Kings Road, and Wycocomagh. Others will be added in time.

In Memoriam

 Joseph J. Googoo

Caroline Gould (left) with daughter Marjorie Gould

 Bridgit Isadore with husband  Fred Isadore

We are grateful to:

Elsie Charles Basque Video about Yarmouth

Julena C. Bernard

Viola Christmas

Frank J. Denny

Martha Denny

Richard J. Denny

Georgina Doucette

Joan Foster

Virginia Googoo

Violet Harlow

Martha Isadore

Ethel Johnson

Howard Johnson

John D. Johnson

Walter Johnson

Gerard Julian Video about the Afton area

Mary Rebecca Julian

Douglas Knockwood Video about Newville Lake

Bill Labrador

Todd Labrador

Mary Imelda Lafford Video about Pine Tree

Mike Marshall

Rose Morris

Ben Peck

Lucy Peter

Bernie James Pictou

Brian Purdy

Bessie Prosper Video about Chapel Island

Kenneth Prosper

Kerry Prosper Video about Antigonish Harbour Island (Southside Harbour)

Ellen Robinson Video about Digby Gut

George Sylliboy

Helen Sylliboy

Veronica (Flo) Young Video talking about Salt Mountain.